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Engineering Technician

Candidate will be responsible for engineering of material handling system. Each system is custom designed per customer specifications.  This requires a team effort of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and project management.  The team will develop and implement a design concept that satisfies the customer’s requirement for functionality, productivity and expense. 

The Mechanical Engineer shall:
  • Estimates job costs
  • Design/Enhances conveyor systems as well as various automated and semi-automated material handling systems.
  • Create required plans and or drawings of conveyor systems.
  • Creates required elevation and/or section view drawings
  • Generate all bill of materials required for fabrication and installation
  • Develops conveyor listings, calculate conveyor load points and horsepower. 
  • Designs steel structures, platforms, and ceiling hanger steel
  • Select  vendors based on  best quality and price for various equipment
  • Occasionally travel  to project site to measure buildings, inventory equipment, commission the system, and interface with the customer
  • Work with ever changing client requirements, which may require new designs and developments.
  • Find custom solutions based on creative problem solving techniques which may include hands on skills.
The ideal candidate shall:
  • Produce project schedule
  • Track and report project financials
  • Produce permits
  • Generate bi-weekly project reports
  • Manage resources required to implement the material handling project
  • Must be hands on and have the communication skills and drive to see projects through to successful completion. 
Educational Requirements
  • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering or an Associates Degree in Mechanical Drafting
  • Knowledge of AutoCAD is requested
  • Some travel is required
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