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Vangard's Mobile Voice Utility

Posted by Ryan Saint on April 2, 2013

Vangard Voice Systems, Inc. (Vangard) announced today that its 'server-less' AccuSpeechMobile™ Universal Voice Utility now simplifies the adoption of warehouse voice productivity for companies using any commercial warehouse management system (WMS), including market leading solutions offered by Manhattan Associates SAP, RedPrairie and Oracle.

Vangard's innovative Universal Voice Utility delivers full voice functionality and WMS integration solely on today's powerful ruggedized devices, completely eliminating the IT server as the point of WMS integration. The mobile software solution enables any size warehouse operations to achieve substantial increases in workforce productivity, by avoiding the substantial costs, complexities and risks associated with traditional server-dependent WMS voice implementations.

Vangard's innovative Universal Voice Utility is a practical and affordable voice software solution for any size warehouse operation. The completely mobile Universal Voice Utility delivers full voice functionality and seamless 'server-less' integration to any WMS application, solely from today's powerful ruggedized mobile computers, By exploiting the power of today's mobile computers, the mobile software solution, eliminates any need for expensive server-based integration, special vendor interfaces or middleware. The Universal Voice Utility includes a wizard-based software development kit that enables IT professionals to quickly customize the device resident 'voice utility' to seamlessly support all WMS functions.

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See the full Press Release below. 
Vangard's Mobile Voice Utility For Any Size Warehouse

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