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Maximize parcel throughput with minimum errors


Process more volume with less

A high-level, sophisticated system can handle higher volumes and variety with accuracy, helping facilities deal with a greater demand.


Have confidence in your guarantees

One mis-sort can cause a package to be delayed, and customer frustration. We build fast and accurate systems so your packages get where you want them; on time.


Recover lost revenue

Our systems recognize miss-weighed and dimensioned items, helping identify opportunity to recover revenue and positively impacting your bottom line.

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Why work with BoxLogix Parcel?

With demand for faster and faster delivery speeds, optimal performance is critical to your sortation hub. As the automation experts, BoxLogix Parcel delivers the most sophisticated systems, so packages get to the final mile faster and with higher accuracy.

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Parcel Solutions

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  • Bulk Handling
  • Flow Control
  • Singulation
  • Dynamic Induction
  • Sortation
  • DWS - Dimensioning Weighing & Scanning
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