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Why work with BoxLogix?

At BoxLogix we understand the unique demands associated with managing distribution operations. Our expertise helps you establish a game plan to minimize operational costs by driving efficiencies.

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We understand your operational needs because that’s our background.

We aren’t conveyor salesmen, we are a total solutions provider. With over 50 years of high volume operational experience within the Direct to Consumer (e-commerce & catalog), retail distribution and fulfillment industries we understand:

  1. How to manage a distribution operation efficiently.
  2. How to optimize resources within a distribution environment to achieve maximum output.
  3. The impact that inventory integrity and shipping expenses have on the profitability of a business.

We serve a wide breadth of industries.

We deliver solutions for  e-commerce, retail, business to business fulfillment, food & beverage, third party logistics, manufacturing, and parcel. No matter the industry, if you’re looking to become more efficient in your distribution operations, we can help! 

We customize your solution with the big picture in mind.

Your operation deserves a plan that will not only support you tomorrow but well into the future. Our solutions start with your future in mind.

We have flexibility to create the solution that’s best for you.

Because we don’t manufacture our own products, we work with multiple vendors who are industry leaders in innovation, reliability, and service to get you the best price and solution that is tailored to your specific needs.

Our goal is simple…to maximize your return on investment.

Driving the efficiency of your employees, empowering them to be more productive, is the back bone of what we do.  However, our wholistic approach has also generated cost avoidance savings through cube utilization of the building, creating a safer work environment and retention of quality employees, enabling growth.

Leadership Team

Cory Raisbeck

Principal, BoxLogix Automation Email

Corey Anderson

Principal, BoxLogix Automation Email